20-04-2018 16:05
The management team is replaced at the Cornwall home following concerns over its quality of care.
20-04-2018 12:15
Cornwall is looking at ways of boosting recycling rates
19-04-2018 15:52
The four-seater light aircraft came down close to a garage near St Agnes in Cornwall.
19-04-2018 15:33
Alex Deller’s car suffered the damage when it plunged into a pothole outside Newquay Airport
19-04-2018 12:58
Mary-Ann Astbury moved with her adoptive parents from Canada to Britain in 1971.
19-04-2018 08:43
Watch as campervan ploughs through Cornwall's ultimate 'perfect pothole'
19-04-2018 06:39
Bestival and Boardmasters are among more than 60 festivals vowing to ban single-use plastic by the y...
18-04-2018 14:28
There were 69 votes in favour of giving the £3m, 41 against and seven councillors abstained while fi...
18-04-2018 13:58
One councillor said 'words cannot describe the disappointment and frustration'
18-04-2018 13:25
The man attached a rope around the tree to his truck before driving off near to a primary school.
18-04-2018 12:29
Many schools in Cornwall are becoming oversubscribed
18-04-2018 08:46
The Government cash is the final stumbling block before the stadium is built
17-04-2018 14:28
Stadium for Cornwall backers are hoping to get another £3m of funding from the government.
17-04-2018 14:20
The boxes containing 20mm bullets washed up on two beaches.